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UGG or Ugly? My review of the new UGG wedding shoe line

I’m little torn on the new line of UGG wedding boots. On one hand, they’re genius. You’ll be standing a lot on your wedding day and you certainly won’t maintain that beautiful glow if you’re in pain. Plus, your man might as well get used to the comfortable you that you’ll become after the honeymoon. On the other hand, you can’t bother to put on a pair of heels for one special occasion? Come on, it’s “The Most Important Day Of Your Life”.

These are the Sparkle I Do's “only” $190. If you really think you'll wear these any other time besides your wedding, maybe they're worth it. Plus, maybe you're into sparkly, shiny boots that my 7 year old niece would die for.

Here, we have the Bailey I Do UGGS, for those who say, “I do wish I could get married on the moon.”

Both are certainly better than the Fluff Flip Flop I Do’s. I swear to God, that’s the actual name. These should either be worn by the fluffer in a porn movie (lot of hard work, she deserves a pair of comfy shoes) or by the crazy man in the loony bin. These are NOT wedding shoes.

My overall review is a “These are Stupid” Rating. They are ugly, stupid, attention seeking wedding shoes. But if you want to give a pair to your stylist, THAT I’d be on board with. Afterall, we’re the ones standing for hours making you look good. Just like that fluffer, don’t we deserve a little R & R?


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You’re in America, you don’t HAVE TO marry him

It should go without saying, if you’re having second thoughts about marrying him, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH WITH THE WEDDING! From the brides I’ve worked with professionally, to friends, to my own mom who 25 years later got divorced, if you’re having doubts, there’s probably a reason.

You don’t have to get your hair done frozen in panic because you’ve got cold feet. You don’t have to apologizing to me because your crying (and not out of happiness) keeps messing up your mascara. And bitching and fighting with your groom over the phone isn’t exactly the way to start “The rest of your lives” together. (Though it does make for good gossip). Your wedding day should be the one day that you’re overflowing with ooey, gooey, annoying, cheeseball love, because once the honeymoon is over, even if it’s the perfect marriage to a perfect man, those mushy feelings won’t always be there (unless he doesn’t the dishes for you out of the blue).

I’m always surprised by couples who don’t communicate with each other. Whether it’s discussing having kids or not, the fact that you’re uncomfortable with your wedding vows or something more simple like, “Hey, I don’t think we should get married”, TALK TO EACH OTHER. Who cares what your mom or the guests think, do what makes you happy. And do us stylists a favor, talk to each other before you’re getting your hair and makeup done. It’s getting awkward in this salon. 

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Would You Rather?

Save the planet by wearing a wedding dress made out of plastic bottles…


Be comfortable knowing you can shit your gown, because it’s made out of toilet paper?




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Stylists get thirsty too

I get that you’re wrapped up in YOUR day. I understand that you’re having a great time with your wedding party and are distracted by keeping the crazies at bay with your mom, but don’t forget - wedding stylists are people too.

If we are standing around for hours, do we not thirst?

If it’s a super long day, starting at 6am because you insist on having all 8 of your bridesmaids be ready by 10am, do we not get hungry?     

When these basic needs are not met does your hair and makeup not suffer because your stylist is not a robot that runs on batteries?

Take care of your stylists. In the end it benefits you too, because despite what you might think, they’re not machines. They just don’t have any emotions left because they’ve become desensitized after seeing thousands of sweet, beautiful and “unique” weddings… just like yours

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To spray tan or not to spray tan?

Spray tanning is the perfect accessory for your wedding. It means you can spend less money on your dress, since no one will notice it anyways. It’s a great backup in case there’s a power outage and you need a glowing entity to light the way. And it’ll make your wedding night wild, since your fiance has an Oompa Loopa fetish.


And is turned on by Orangutans.

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