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Stylists get thirsty too

I get that you’re wrapped up in YOUR day. I understand that you’re having a great time with your wedding party and are distracted by keeping the crazies at bay with your mom, but don’t forget - wedding stylists are people too.

If we are standing around for hours, do we not thirst?

If it’s a super long day, starting at 6am because you insist on having all 8 of your bridesmaids be ready by 10am, do we not get hungry?     

When these basic needs are not met does your hair and makeup not suffer because your stylist is not a robot that runs on batteries?

Take care of your stylists. In the end it benefits you too, because despite what you might think, they’re not machines. They just don’t have any emotions left because they’ve become desensitized after seeing thousands of sweet, beautiful and “unique” weddings… just like yours

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